Saturday, December 1, 2007

A very strange dream

Last night I had a weird dream. I don't remember all of it, and had forgotten about it completely until I was reading the last few chapters of Kimberly's book. I'm not telling you which chapter, because you need to read it for yourself! It's geared towards 9-12 year olds, but I enjoyed it immensely. Kim has a gift for writing!

Anyway, after reading a certain chapter which shall remain nameless, I remembered part of my dream. It had been raining, and one of my children pointed out two rainbows that were on my deck, just outside the sliding glass doors. The rainbows were side by side, except instead of the usual arch one of them had the arch starting high at the beginning and dipped down quickly. They also weren't nearly as big as your usual rainbows.

I stepped outside and they were so vivid and bright, the most gorgeously glowing things I have ever seen. They were almost pulsating with colored light. When I put my hand out and took hold of one, its image changed. My hand went barely all around its circumference and the rainbow took on the slight appearance of a rope, while retaining its original brilliance and beauty. It felt damp, thick and dense, like a roll of wet paper towels that has been squeezed.

I knew that the rainbows would fade shortly, and I so wanted to preserve the beauty to savor later. The short time they would be there didn't seem long enough to fully appreciate and absorb their intensity. Since I discovered that the rainbow had substance, but was mostly water I realized that the reason rainbows disappear is because they evaporate. I called for a knife, and once it was in my hands I grasped the rainbow firmly and started sawing. I sliced through it, taking out a section a foot long to put in the freezer. I felt sorrow as I cut, feeling that I was almost doing something wrong by carving up such a glorious thing, but I also knew that it would be gone in a few minutes and I would never have a chance to feel that wonder in my hands again. It wasn't enough for me to savor and let the rainbow leave on its own terms.

After I was finished, I handed the rainbow section to my eldest and told him to put it in the freezer. I looked back at the rainbow and it stayed exactly where it was, sadly complete with its missing section. Not long after, both rainbows started to fade, and I felt wistful. I was glad I had some in the freezer.


Kimberly said...

Talk about a gift for writing! How beautifully you expressed your dream!

And thanks, I am blushing and grinning at the same time and my face hurts from happiness.

mindyluwho said...

What a profound dream. I love rainbows and I love your description of how one feels. I wonder what the dream means? I have had a lot of experiences with strange dreams this year and have discovered that it is a way the Lord has of getting important messages through to me.