Friday, November 9, 2007

Up Late. Blah.

Why am I up right now, at 2:00 am?

Because I can't sleep. I had thoughts of a poem in my brain.

I read some poems online, discovered a wonderful poet by the name of Martin Robertson. Inspired by him, I started thinking of my love of words which I don't indulge in very often. I always tell myself that I've had no training. However, that shouldn't stop me. Writing poems is all about creating an art form, right? RIGHT? Well, mine are anyway. So, I give you this deep subject to think about. Enjoy. Maybe. Writing about splitting wood when I should be sawing it may not be a good thing! What inspired this? Going outside to find my purse in the van, I smelled the delicious crispy-leaf fall air, complete with fireplace smoke wafting in on the cool breeze. On of my favorite scents in the whole world!

Life of a Chopping Stump

Oak meets oak.

One scarred, steady, one unsure-

resting precariously.

Sister? Brother? Father? Mother?

Silver flashing,

no chilling rain.

Grip unrelenting, shudders.

Alone once again.


Kimberly said...

Keep indulging - I loved that. Evocative. Gripping.

No Cool Story said...

You know what would be cool? More you singing :D

I liked that poem. See? It was worth you being up late.

But really, more singing!!

mindyluwho said...

I keep coming back and reading your poem, I love it!

Yes, and I agree with NCS, more singing!

Kimberly said...

Hey...where are you? Been missing your posts and your sweet self!

mindyluwho said...

Yes, I ditto Kimberly, been wondering where you are and how your faring the feasting. Me? Not too well, but enjoying it immensly!

Happy Thanksgiving.