Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Growing up too fast!

My little 2 year old princess is obsessed with Sleeping Beauty. She wants Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip dolls for Christmas. At the store today, I showed her different princess dolls to find out which one she likes the best. More often than not, when I showed her one she would look up at me and exclaim, "She has boobies?"

Yep. My little baby girl notices that Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Princess Barbies have boobies. She thinks it's funny. I think she's cute.


Kimberly said...

Sleeping Beauty if my favourite princess too. =) Hey, thanks for all the sweet comments lately. Wish I had your email address so I could thank you directly, but blog comments work too. Cheers!

mindyluwho said...

My boy's favorite word for awhile was "booty" in reference to people's behinds. They got a kick out of saying it! Some words are just fun to say.