Monday, October 22, 2007

Victim of Circumstance? I think NOT!

I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to get through this next week and a half of cravings and bloating and whatnot. Looking back on my other posts, I know I've mentioned PMS several times, but I think that's the time I really fall of the wagon train for weight-loss.

The kids were just watching one of those old Kidsongs videos, the one where they were at the amusement park. There's a song on there about eating fast food. Part of the lyrics are, to the best of my remembering, "Oooohh yeah, I'm a victim of circumstance. Fast food's got a hold on me, and I don't stand a chance!" Hearing that song got me thinking even more.

Now, fast food rarely tempts me (financially and we're home nearly all the time) but I was thinking of what Calamity Jane says about planning for success. That brought to mind this coming week, the week for me that starts the holiday nonstop eating frenzy. I need to plan. I want to let my kids make the cool Halloween spiders that we saw on Food Network today without it sabotaging ME.

That means that I need to have some really tasty and healthy food made up so I don't get hungry. I crave LOTS of flavor, which means that I can't just eat a few nuts or something and be ok. I learned that during "that" time your basal metabolism (your body's calorie usage just to stay alive) is highest. That would explain the huge amounts of hunger I get.

I am not buying ANY candy for Halloween. Ok, I'm required to buy a package to donate for the church activity but no one says that it has to make it from the car to the house. I can buy the cheapest, cruddiest candy I can that won't tempt me. Between the church party, trick-or-treating at James' work, and Halloween night we'll be floating in the stuff. Bad timing for me.

What I'll have the kids do is pick out some of their favorites and give the rest to the missionaries. If we end up with enough to fill my giant stainless steel bowl I'll chuck some of it too.

I'll keep you posted. This week will be tricky, but I will NOT be a victim of circumstance! I won't allow the circumstance to come about.

And, about those extra two pounds? My snuggish-fitting jeans still fit just fine, so I think something else is going on. My weight went up a total of 4 pounds, than back down to the two. We'll see what happens after this week. I desperately tried to talk myself into staying home from the gym this morning, but my rule is if I am awake enough to drive safely, I go. The tired part of my brain tried SO hard to make me go back to bed, but the smart part of my brain won. Barely, but it did.

By the way, I made my goal of going to the gym 5 times last week. Two were in one day as I took Babaloo to the exercise class for kids in the afternoon and got in 25 minutes of strength training. Hooray!

My goal for this week is 5 times as well. One down, 4 to go!


Calamity Jane said...

I knew I was right, just wait those two will come off and you can continue your journey down, especially if you plan ahead like you are doing. Great Job, I see you hitting your January Goal!

mindyluwho said...

I hear you about the Halloween candy. I don't buy it until the day of Halloween. When my kids come back from Trick or Treating I recycle the candy back into the bowl and I give big handfuls to the kids at the door. THEN I pay my kids for their candy after letting them pick out 10 of their favorites, THEN I throw the rest away or send it to work with my husband. If my kids don't go for the cash I give them 5 days in which to eat all the candy and what's left goes in the trash!

The planning for circumstances will work! Hang in there!

Amy said...

Yay Rebecca! Plan ahead, you can do it! Also, way to go last week. 5 times...that's awesome! Below 200 by January-you've got it in the bag!

By the way, didn't those spiders look fun?!

Kimberly said...

This is an automated blog comment: “I am sooooo far behind! I’m catching up on all my blog reading this afternoon but don’t have the time or energy to be creative with my comments. I read. I loved. You’re fab. Seriously.”

Yay you!