Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thoughts on Losing 3 Bags of Apples

I've been bouncing between 9 and 10 pounds lost, hoping it stays down to 10 then reaches for 11. I'm so thrilled!

This afternoon I was thinking about how much lighter I suddenly feel. I got a bunch of 3 pound bags of apples from the co-op, so I picked up three of them for a bit to see how much I used to weigh. That's no small thing! It was sad to realize that I had 9 extra pounds hanging on me 6 weeks ago. It was such a nice feeling to realize that I could put them down. I didn't like the extra weight on my feet, I NEVER want to go back there again. I'm able to dance easier, and I can't wait for the time when I do a dance move and don't have to stop to wait for the rest of me to catch up. I feel strong inside my body. Except for my back, but the chiropractor has to still work on that.

6 weeks ago I was wearing size 24 shorts that fit very nicely. I'm now able to wear a size 20 pants that I couldn't wear before unless they were unbuttoned and partially unzipped. They're a tiny bit snug in the waist as the waist is a bit high for me, I'm short waisted. Everywhere else they fit fine or are even a bit baggy. Yayyy!!!!

I went to Walmart last night, as I've lost in the chest department as well. I've gone down a cup size and a band size. Why oh why is this one of the first places I'm losing? I'm pretty well endowed now, but I think I'll end up pretty minuscule when I'm done losing weight. Oh, well. Couldn't find a bra that I liked. I like the ones that are completely smooth so there are no lines in the knit shirts I wear all the time. I guess a trip to the mall is in order this week.

Luckily I found a couple of t-shirts in the next size down on clearance, and a cute pair of workout pants that is a size smaller than I used to wear. The t-shirts I have still fit ok, but they're getting way too low and looser on top. Not something I want to be showing off when I'm on hands and knees in a gym class. I'm not losing in my tummy as quickly as I'd like, but they'll stretch out enough. The new t-shirts, that is. They fit perfectly on top. Size 16!!! On a side note, I can't WAIT until I can no longer shop at Lane Bryant! (The clearance racks, anyway. They're so expensive otherwise!)

An interesting thing happened when I went to Fashion Bug to find some jeans. No luck, but when both salesladies (who were both overweight, one substantially) found out that I lost 10 pounds, they asked me (separately) how I did it. I told them, "I go to the gym usually 4 times a week, building up to 5, and I almost never eat anything with refined sugars or flours." They seemed slightly disappointed about how I did it, just said that it was great and doesn't it feel wonderful (which it does). I'm not quite comfortable yet telling people how much prayer has helped me with this process. I hope I can get to the point where I feel comfortable with it. I know that if it were the right situation and the Spirit prompted me than I could. I feel almost like I'm lying to them, telling them it's just diet and exercise when I know it's so much more than that for me.

As I'm writing this I still feel a little nervous that I'm actually DOING it. I know I am, though. 9-10 pounds in 6 weeks don't lie. I'm not going to make New Year's resolutions next year, I never do anymore because when I used to I would always break them. Nope, by this New Year's my goal is to be under 200 pounds. I want to wake up on New Year's day and be in the 190's. That goal and desire is going to help keep me going through the holiday months.

That may seem a sissy goal to some of you, because New Year's Day is 2 1/2 months away. However, I need to set longer goals than some people do, mostly so I don't stress out and sabotage myself in the process. I've always been way too hard on myself, and that's a lot of the reason I've been this overweight for 7 years. This time the difference is that I pray every day for help. I pray for help to know what I should eat that day, and for help to know when to stop. The days I forget to pray as much I don't do so well. When I started this I asked my husband for a blessing. That helped me a lot too. By following the counsel I received in the blessing, daily prayer, forgiving myself for slipping up sometimes, and reading Calamity Jane's blog I am finally succeeding where there used to be so much despair. The way I look at it is that I probably will reach my goal ahead of New Year's. If I do, I'll set a new one. If it does take me that long, I'll enjoy the ride.

Here's to apples!!!!!!


Calamity Jane said...

Rebecca you're doing it!!! Hooray for you! The apple thing is such a great idea, I used butter for a reference. I know you will make your goal, there is no reason you won't Great Job!

Amy said...

Wahoo Rebecca!! Keep it up! It want us to be celebrating together this holiday season... under 200 by New Years!

mindyluwho said...

I don't think it's a sissy goal!

And I'll have one of those apples, thank you!