Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Really Frustrated. Really.

Ok, so last week I only worked out 3 times and was 210.8 on Sunday morning. Every day since then I've gone up in weight. I doubt it was the cheese I ate last Friday, that was digested long before this.

I've gained at least 3 lbs back, I think. I don't know why and I'm pretty upset. I've been eating more salads, and even when I've had chocolate it's been the 5 grams of sugar per serving type. I haven't been overeating at all, and although I should cut down my fat intake it's no different or maybe better than last week's intake.

I have gone to the gym 3 days already this week. The only thing I haven't been doing is getting enough sleep. I also have been forgetting to read my scriptures the last few days. Is this punishment?

I'm ready to cry. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes. I have worked SO hard, and have been working out harder than I was and this is what I get? I don't think I'm any bigger, because my clothes still fit. Maybe I'm retaining water? Does that happen when you work out a lot? Maybe it's muscle? I have no idea. I'm just SO discouraged and thinking that my success was temporary and too good to be true.

I know exercising is good for my body, but I don't want to torture myself this often if it's not going to do anything for the numbers on the scale.


Calamity Jane said...

O.K. Rebecca, calm down, this despair is sure to add another 3 lbs. I know that this happened to me lots of times. You know your inchworm thing about climbing down the scale, up, then down a bit more? I am pretty sure that is what is going on. Do not despair. This is normal.

February 2006, starting on 6th 189, 191, 189, 189.5, 189, 188.5, 188...189.5 (stopped weighing in for week - completely depressed), 188, 186.5, 188, 186.5, 185.5, 187, etc.... until March 10th 184, 184.5, 184...183..
My theory is that every few months or so my body is shocked at the change, worries that something is wrong and then hangs on for awhile to make sure you aren't starving to death. I called this my plateau, for me it happened about every third month.

When this would happen to me I did two things. #1. I would say to myself, Aparently I am working out at the 180 level, if I want to jump down to the next step I have to work out harder and different. I would work on heavier weights and more reps. Areobically I added speed and distance.

The next thing I did was to plan out every meal on a menu each day and stick to only that. I picked healthy filling foods and stocked up on the veggies.

Do not despair. Your hard work is paying off. You are doing exactally right. Have you seen the biggest loser girls, this is normal. Try to ignore the despair, that is seirously how Satan works on us. Have you ever tried to do something good, (read pray, do visiting teaching) and had it fall flat? Satan jumps in and says, "might as well give up" Heavenly Father says "endure to the end" You are just facing a bump, bump up the faith and hard work and it will flatten out. No worries, only hope.

You have God in your corner, he doesn't punish because you didn't read a few days, he rewards you for trying. Remember he is a perfect father, meaning he is perfect in love and compassion too

Rebecca said...

I don't know what else to say except "thank you". Thank you so, so much. I'm crying right now because what you said is such a comfort to me.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I really, really, truly appreciate your support.

Thank you for reminding me that Heavenly Father is perfect in love and compassion too. You are right.

I'm going to go plan my meals for tomorrow.

Thank you.

mindyluwho said...

Aren't we lucky to have Calamity Jane in our corner? My body did the same thing this week. Could it be close to that time of the month? You can gain between 2-5 pounds during that time.

I'm thinking of you and rooting for you!

Amy said...

Oh Rebecca. The woes of trying to lose weight. It's not for sissies that's for sure! Being healthy and losing weight is good, hard, discouraging and exciting all at once! I am so happy for you and the weight you HAVE lost. It WILL keep coming off, you are doing the right things!
Of course, everything Calamity Jane said is absolutely true. Satan wants to get you down. Ignore him and go back to work! Good luck! This too shall pass!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, guys.

Mindy, I'm hoping that's what it is... although "that" time is still two weeks away. I've heard that can start happening two weeks before. Here's hoping!

Amy, thank you! I need to recognize Satan working on me. I took today off as I really worked a lot this week on exercising, but it's back to the grind tomorrow morning!