Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Going is Slow, But at Least It's Going!!!

This morning I got on the scale, and for the second time in several days I was 211.6. WHOOHOO!!!!! I've been going back and forth between 211.6 and 212.8 in the morning the last few days. Better than the PMS 213-214 last week.

I've given up the "get under 200 by my birthday" goal. After those first 5 pounds, the going is a lot slower. I'm seeing a lot of changing in my body. I put on muscle really well and my legs are shaping up quite nicely, according to James. I noticed while looking in the reflective window as I left the gym that I'm looking smaller from the side view as well. My large, sagging abdomen is shrinking. I keep telling myself that how fast the weight drops doesn't matter if my body's changing and I keep losing steadily. I've heard that slower weight loss is good for keeping the weight off as well. Can you tell I've been giving myself a pep talk?

That said, my new goal is to get under 210 by my birthday which is in 3 weeks. It's taken me 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds, and since I'm due to be PMSing right on my birthday, I figure that's a reasonable goal. That will mean still losing fat while gaining a couple of pounds of water.

I just made the most delicious smoothie. Everything tastes much sweeter to me now since I've stopped eating refined sugars, for the most part. Here's my recipe:

Yummy Yogurt Smoothie

1 cup low-fat plain yogurt
3-4 (or more) whole frozen strawberries (with no sugar)
stevia powder (stevia is a plant that is VERY sweet. Tastes like a sugar sub.)

Put yogurt, strawberries and one small, tiny pinch stevia in a blender. Stevia is very concentrated. Use about 1/16 tsp to start. I get the Now brand white powder that doesn't contain fillers.

Blend. taste for sweetness, add TINY bit more stevia if needed. Pour into glass. Admire the gorgeous pink color.

Frosty, fruity, tart while being slightly sweet and very refreshing!


Calamity Jane said...

Hey Rebecca, I am so excited to try your smoothie recipe. I have never used stevia powder I am thinking I can get it in the health food section???

You took my words exactly on what it is like to lose weight. I would step on the scale and see a great weight about 2 lbs down, next day I would be back to before, then .5 down, then 1.5, then 2, then stay the same, bounce up a day, then be at that low. By then I would say "I own that weight - it is mine!!!" then I could work on the next jump down. Congrats on your low. I really know how great that feels, and how hard it was to get there.

p.s. good job on the peanut m&ms. I never gave up treats. It just isn't in my nature. In fact I would rather work out 1/2 hour longer and have a piece of cake at the end of the day. works for me -but better if I do the workout and then substitute the oil for applesauce, the frosting for chocolate non fat pudding.

I am so glad this is working for you, welcome back to your blog! Tell your husband he sounds like a wonderful support!

Rebecca said...

Thank you! I'll tell James what you said.

I'm so glad to hear that what I'm doing was the same for you! Gives me even more hope.

You should be able to get stevia in the health food section of stores. A lot of it comes in packets with added fillers, and you can try that but I've heard it's not as good. If you can't find pure stevia, look in a health food store. If you use too much of it it does taste like aspartame or Splenda, but at least it doesn't have anything that can hurt you, from what I've read.

mindyluwho said...

Hi Rebecca, I just read all the posts on your blog in reverse order and when I got to the first one I burst out laughing and spit all over my computer! Google...too funny!

I'm inspired by your motivation to lose weight. I've lost about 12 pounds since May and I'm hoping to join a gym this week and start losing again.

Please keep blogging because I'm going to keep checking back!