Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Case of the Crinkling Plastic

Last night I fell asleep at 11:00, fully aware that there was much I still needed to do to prepare properly for Sunday. I was so exhausted that I didn't hear what transpired in my kitchen.

James was out in the living room at the computer. We have a small living room and the kitchen's right next to it. There's a wall between but two openings, one at each end, so the kids can (and do) run around in circles from the LR to the kitchen, and vice versa.

In the stillness of the night, when the only sound was the humming of the computer (I think it was Beethoven's Fifth) James heard plastic crinkling in the kitchen. He got up to investigate.

Looking slowly around the kitchen, he saw nothing. He went back to the computer.

The crinkling started again.

Thinking that our dog (mostly German Shorthair Pointer we believe, but a very large dog) was downstairs for the night, James knew he'd have to get to the bottom of the strange crinkling sound. He got up again and went to fully investigate.

He discovered that the sliding patio door was open about 8 inches. Peering outside to the deck, he saw an adult raccoon desperately trying to open my new 2 lb bag of baking yeast. I had seen that rascal one time before on our deck. He was looking along the bottom of our sliding door like he was trying to get in. Last night, he succeeded. We usually keep that door locked, but last night we didn't. I have a sneaking suspicion Mr. Raccoon was hiding in the large tree that is just off the deck, peering steadfastly at the door every night just waiting for his big chance.

I had left a tempting plastic box of food by the door as I'm rearranging my food cabinets. The raccoon had opened the door, snuck out the yeast, and retreated to the deck with its prize. Interestingly, it took the thing that most resembled a foil-wrapped package, probably reminiscent of trash-swiped fast food meals.

Chewing on my unopened bag of yeast, the raccoon stared at James with no fear. James stared back. Suddenly, James heard the "jingle, jingle, jingle" sound of the dog's collar as he came down the hall. Doggie had snuck into our bedroom while I slept to lay on the floor. He's not allowed in our room but he takes advantage of a convenient situation.

The dog trotted into the kitchen, where he looked outside and saw the raccoon. Suddenly the dog started barking his "I'm gonna kill you right now and eat you for dinner you thieving little punk" bark as he leaped through the 8 inch opening after the raccoon, knocking over some things in the process.

I hope that the raccoon had the you-know-what scared out of him and that he doesn't come poking around my kitchen anymore. Although, I admit that I admire the rascal's chutzpah. Because I'm guessing that he'll just try to be more careful about his nocturnal crime sprees, I will be sure to lock my kitchen door from now on.


Calamity Jane said...

I have always enjoyed watching raccoons, but they do freak me out a bit. Thank heavens for dogs!

Rebecca said...

Haha, they freak me out too! I think it has to do with their bravado.