Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What DO eels drink?

Babaloo, being 6 1/2 years old (as he so emphatically puts it) is into science big time.
Because of this, it was no surprise to me at breakfast when he asked, "Mom, what do eels drink?" I pondered this for a minute, wondering if eels drink at all, then told him, "Probably seawater." Then we all were silent for a couple of seconds, during which I'm feeling pleased that I have such a deep thinker for a son. He then pipes up, "They slip soda!"

Did I forget to mention he's also in the "making-up-jokes phase"?


Amanda said...

What do eels drink?? What a question! It never ceases to amaze me what kinds of things kids think about. Definitely keeps my thinker in working order trying to keep up with them!

ps. Clicked over here from Thoroughly Mormon Millie. You have a fun blog. :D

Rebecca said...

Thank you for coming over! You have the honor of first comment!